Points of interest in Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen and the surrounding area offer a wide variety of sights and tourist attractions for an enjoyable holiday. Even outside of the bathing season there are many events, places to visit, culture offerings and history to be discovered. On the shores of Lake Constance on the Baden-Württemberg side, located in triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Friedrichshafen is also known as the city of Zeppelins. Companies in the aviation and space, automotive and high-tech industries have become established in and around Friedrichshafen.

Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei

Change your perspective and experience the spectacular views on a sightseeing flight aboard a real Zeppelin. DZR offers various sightseeing flights over Lake Constance with a view of the Allgäu, palaces and castles, the Vorarlberg region and the colourful islands of Lake Constance.

Zeppelin Museum

The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen offers a fascinating view of the gigantic airships that still circle Lake Constance to this day. Supported by multi-media technology, visitors are able to experience the history of these impressive airships. The Zeppelin Museum is home to the largest aviation-related collection in the world. For example, visitors are able to walk through a true-to-scale recreation of the passenger compartment of the Hindenburg (LZ 129) which was destroyed by fire in Lakehurst in 1937.

Shoreline promenade

One of the loveliest shoreline promenades on Lake Constance is located in Friedrichshafen. It offers an incredible view of the lake and the backdrop of the Alps. The marina is located directly in front of the hotel; the harbour for the “White Fleet” of ferries is just a short walk away where passengers can travel to all of the most significant locations around Lake Constance. However, the best thing is to take a look for yourself…

Dornier Museum

The dream of flight becomes reality – on a trip through 100 years of aviation and space travel! Gigantic flying boats, nostalgic passenger aircraft and exiting exhibits from aerospace make a visit to the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen am Bodensee a unique experience for the entire family. In close proximity to the airport, the museum is home to some 400 exhibits in some 5,000 square metres of exhibition space. In addition to numerous original aircraft, the replicas of the Dornier Wal and Dornier Merkur comprise the highlight of the exhibition and bring the pioneering spirit of the 1920’s to life.


Without a doubt, one of the sights worth seeing Friedrichshafen is the Schlosskirche. It was building during the Baroque era between 1695 and 1701 and restored following its partial destruction in the Second World War. The Schlosskirche offers tours where visitors are able to view the artistic stucco work in the church’s interior.