Bauhaus architecture at the SEEhotel Friedrichshafen

Our hotel was recognised by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects for its exemplary design: The hotel as a small town within a town with pathways, squares and stairs that reflect the city’s architectural spaces. That was the idea architect Joachim Reinheimer used as the foundation for his design.

The surprising play of light caused by the weather on Lake Constance as a catalyst for the architectural design is perceptible and palpable throughout the building. Boring corridors were avoided. Views into the hall invite the guests to linger on the bridges that connect the two buildings encouraging encounters and preventing undesirable anonymity despite the hotel’s considerable size.

Envisaged as a bar for days and evenings, the hotel bar “Sonderbar” is directly connected to the spacious lobby.

Three adjustable conference rooms are located opposite the lobby with its open square design.

The hotel’s six floors contain 132 rooms. The wellness spa is located on the sixth floor with a sauna and steam bath as well as direct access to the rooftop terrace.